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G8 ECM Testimonials

'Noticable difference right from the start. Car pulls nice and smooth. Normal mode is crisp but not harsh, definitly improved shifting. Sport mode is a beast now. It's like driving 2 different cars. When the family is loaded, leave it in Normal mode, but when it's time for business, sport mode is where it's at! Car lunges off the line and 1-2 shift lays a nice scratch letting everyone know you mean business. The shifts are mean and nearly snap your neck when driving aggressive in sport mode. It won't up shift prematurely if you're driving it hard. Gas mileage has not suffered at all, even with my driving aggressiveness after the tune. Actually, I've noticed a 1-2 mile per gallon improvement. What I really like is that with this package, I get the HP Tuners Program with it that allows me to fine tune it the way I want. The Intense tune does most all the detailed leg work for you and leaves it up to you to tweak if you so desire. And if you are anything like me... you will desire. Having the program also allows me to convert back to stock for those pesky dealership trips. If you like driving your car and want more out of it, this is a must do Mod. It's really fun to see the looks on everyone's face as you rip away from a dead stop. Thanks Intense Racing! I could have bought HP Tuners anywhere, but I wouldn't have know where to begin on the tuning without you.' - Jonathan Deleon, '09 G8 GT

'I was blown away by how close the original mail order tune was that you sent Granatelli for this Big G8 SEMA Project Car. But after spending a good part of the day with you, Todd and Dyno Brian from Dyno Tune Motorsports, I have a better understanding of how much time and dedication it takes to make these cars perfect.' - John Sheskey, '09 G8 GT with APS Twin Turbo Kit

'Noticeable increase in power; I assume this is because the engine is no longer pulling so much timing. Transmission feels 'tighter'; definite increase in shift speed in both Sport and Manual modes, resulting in better launch and acceleration times. All in all, I like love the results I have seen from the INTENSE Tune--more consistent power, faster shifting and a very noticeable increase in launch and acceleration.' - Seth Trautman, '09 G8 GT

'Great job on the tune!' - Joey Granatelli, Granatelli Motorsports, '09 G8 GT with APS Twin Turbo Kit

'Great, good performance mod.' - Mathew Robertson, '08 G8 GT

'This package is awesome, 285kph/171mph! and room for more. It's no longer my wife's car. LOL.' - Mike Myers, '08 G8 GT with APS Twin Turbo Kit

'The torque is much better. The tune had me getting a chirp from 2nd to 3rd. I'm definitley getting rubber from 1st to 2nd. This is one of the best bang for the bucks out there! ' - Doug Boyle, '08 G8 GT

'˜The responsiveness is much better, without a doubt'. - Justin Warner, '09 G8 GT

'˜Stopped by on my road trip and got to try out one of their tunes. Scott and Todd do great work. Put one of their ECM's in the car and hit the "Butt Dyno" (country roads are great!). I was looking for some wheel spin on launch and a good chirp on that 1-2 shift. Todd did a little tweaking and soon I was getting some excellent launches and all the chirps I wanted. Even got a little "fish tail" action on the way out of town! Always good to deal with folks that know the car.' - Brian Pacejka, '08 G8 GT

'Overall an awesome kit. The ECM was the most noticeable. From 3-6k rpm just feels like a surge of power from the butt dyno. I highly recommend this kit to anyone that asks and I think it is the best bang for the buck out there.' - Derrick Hess, '08 G8 GT

LSJ PCM Testimonials

'Great so Far!' - Christopher Zehr, '07 Cobalt SS

'Car Feels Great! Idles better, made power, higher rev limiter! Thank you so much. I appreciate all your help.' - Justyn Hope, '07 Cobalt SS

'Works Great!' - Steven Salacki, '06 Cobalt SS

'Very satisfied.' - Joseph Hurley, '06 Cobalt SS

'I love it! My bolt never ran better’- Daniel Bock, ’06 Cobalt SS

'I like the PCM, I really enjoy the 7k redline.' - Josua Luttmer, 06 Cobalt SS

'It makes a great improvement in performance.' - Steven Kenniff, '06 Cobalt SS

'It was a great starting point.' - Michael Wachter, '06 Cobalt SS

'Love it.' - Matt McMullen, '06 Cobalt SS

'Good starting tune.' - Chris Norton, 06 Cobalt SS

'Wonderful. The gains are great makes the car a force to be reckoned with.' - Sherman Bedwell, '06 Cobalt SS

'Opened up my car. It has a ctotally different feel.' - Charles Barhold, '06 Cobalts SS

'I love the 7k guys rock!!!' - Bruce McMillan, '06 Cobalts SS

'It has woken my car up more than any other mod.' - Kyle Smith, '06 Cobalt SS

'Not only is the HP great but my MOG has increased...Unbelievable.' - Joe Oswald, - '05 Cobalt SS

'I love it! Really gave my car a lot more power.' - Lawrence Heath, '05 Saturn ION RL

'AWESOME, thats all I need to say!!!' - Don Defelice, - '05 Cobalt SS

'Amazing tune - My Cobalt runs better than ever.' - Josh Nolan, - '05 Cobalt SS

'It opened up a piece of my powerband I previously couldn't reach, thus raising my peak power.' - Ryan Aalderink, '06 cobalt SS

'Awesome seat of the pants power.' - Ron Payne, '06 Cobalt SS

'It made the car. I'm glad I chose you for my PCM.' - Nick Howe, '06 Cobalt SS

'Wow - Good bang for the buck' - Lucas Daley, '06 Cobalt SS

'It's great I love it! Easy to mod & great results. Best mod I've done so far.' - Gilberto Rodriguez, '06 Cobalt SS

'Awesome!' - Lee Brown, '06 Cobalt SS

'I think the INTENSE PCM is great and I would highly recommend INTENSE to everyone I know. I really love the produts and keep up the good work guys.' - Zak Chariton, '06 Cobalt SS/SC

'After installing everything and relearing this car really put out some power.' - Brandon Barton, '06 Cobalt SS

'It works really good and much better power band all the way to 7000 rpm.' - Thomas Cepeds, '06 Cobalt SS

'Very good price for the power gain you get. Best upgrade I've made so far.' - Andrew Rector, '06 Cobalt SS

'I really like it. At first I had a couple problems with the system, but now it is running perfect.' - Carlos Godinez, '06 Cobalt SS

'I like it, car feels very responsive and very linear in power.' - Ivan Anderson, '06 Saturn ION Redline

'The power this tune produces with my mods is awesome!' - Joey Romito, '06 Saturn ION Redline

'Made my car run a lot better. Brought out the beast in my redline.' - Deirrick Daubenspeck, '06 Saturn ION Redline

'Pulls good.' - Brian Hayes, '06 ION Redline

'Good stuff, great service' - Chris Bergevine, '04 ION Redline

'Car is much faster.' - Robert Kaiser, '06 Saturn ION RedLine

'Wow! This tune brought out the beast in my Cobalt. Thank you INTENSE.' - Rich Pezzano, '05 Cobalt SS

'Love It.' - Francisco Martin, '05 Cobalt SS

'I love it, have the whole kit on now and it defiantly pulls real hard now, Thanks a lot keep up the good work. I’ll Be coming back to you guys for any more mods.’- Garrett Love, ’05 Cobalt SS

'Awesome! Directions worked out perfect for the re-learn steps and the performance of my car is impressive.' - Joseph Hoppel, '05 Cobalt SS

'Considerable & noticeable horsepower increase. Major increase in boost.' - Trenton Mize, '05 Cobalt SS

'Great products, keep them coming.' - Jason Goudy, '05 Cobalt SS

'Life altering and a must have.' - Donald Jameson, '05 Cobalt SS

'Great. Best investment i've made for this car. PCM really woke this beast up.' - Chris Carfine, '05 Cobalt SS

'Works great, didn't even have to do any security or CASE learn, just plugged it in and it works great. Definte improvement with aftermarket equipment.' - Edward Powers, '05 Cobalt SS

'It has unleashed the power I was looking for. One of the best mods I've done to my car!' - Ivan Merino, '05 Cobalt SS

'Satisfied.' - Steve Pokrzywinski, '04 ION Redline

'I can feel the power increase. You can hear the charger kick in now and then you feel the boost, WOW super Awesome!!' - Carsten Becker, '04 ION Redline

'Car seems to pull harder and feels like it improves top end performance. Can't wait till track opens next spring.' - Garrett Stusick, '04 ION Redline

'Worked great out of the box after security relearn. Better pick-up, gas mileage and drivability.' - Dale Pitulski, '04 ION Redline

3800 PCM Testimonials

'I recently purchased an Intense PCM with a modular pulley system and it has made a world of difference to my 05 Comp G. But more importantly, the entire Intense experience was an extremely pleasant one - Intense REALLY looks after you. Their customer service is absolutely phenomenal - YES PHENOMENAL. It is one thing to know your product numbers, it is another to really understand how it all works. And never once, did they bash the competition - never.

They also make follow-up calls to see if you're happy with the set-up. And if there is a bug, they don't leave you alone to figure it out, they are truly proactive in pursuing the customer in order to make sure that everything works exactly as they explained and that I am satisfied. Intense are masters of customer service and I have not seen an organization so professional and pleasing to work with in a long time.

I would have a hard time going anywhere else after the way I have been served and satisfied with this entire experience.


LS' - Lucio Santucci, '05 GTP

'Great, all sputter is gone. Pulls better than it ever did. Worth the wait.' - Craig Bartlett, '05 GTP

'I am impressed. I really like the new shift points and the throttle response. Great job INTENSE!' - Alan Jensen, '05 GTP

'Worked Awesome' - Gerrod Darling, '05 GTP

'Fast service + great producct. Makes my car feel the way it should have left the factory!!!' - William Radford, '05 GT

'I love speeding :) and I love being able to go over 110mph' - Matthew Essex, '05 Impala

'Good upgrade. Great Service from Brian.' - Anthony Henriquez, '05 Monte carlo LT

'I like skip shift, and had 2 degree KR at WOT but now with the timing commander I can set it to get 0 KR.' - Ruben Montes, '05 Monte Carlo

'I can notice improvements in power' - Alford Martin, '04 GTP CompG

'Love it' - Andrew Parker, '04 GTP CompG

'Love it!' - Becky Petzold, '04 GTP

'The INTENSE PCM is a great product from a great company that provides great customer service.' - Tim Plumadore, '04 GTP Comp G

'It is great! This is my second one due to my other car being totaled in an accident. I have had no problems with anything purchased from INTENSE.' - Steve Prescott, '04 Grand Prix

'The INTENSE PCM is great. I can feel the improved power. The fuel curve is a thing of beauty. It really opened my car up.' - Chris Guinther, '04 GTP Comp G

'Great. I don't run high speeds all the time but when I want to I want it without shutting down at 126. Thanks!' - Jermaine Sawyers, '04 GTP

'I am very, very, very happy with the results!!!!!!!!' - Bob Susalka '04 Monte Carlo

'Totally solved my drivability problem, Awesome!' - Randy Davis, '04 GTP

'You guys truely run a first class company. You have superb customer service. You always get back to me ASAP with any questions I may have. That is why INTENSE is my prefered parts store.' - Paul Quint, '04 Impala SS

'Very satisfied. Enjoy the skip shift and the removal of the 40-mph lag.' - John Boger, '04 Impala SS

'Everything is perfect. Combined with all of the parts of the level 2 kit, the car is unbelievable.' - Brandon Janes, '04 GTP

'Improved performance, shift points are where they need to be. Pulls hard to 6000 RPMs.' - Patrick Sobers, '04 GTP

'Shifting smoother, better pickup - I like it' - Richard Parker, 04 GT

'Incredible, the PCM really got the "Grand" to come out of the Grand Prix' - Erick Tomaszewski, 04 GT

'Works Great! Definitely feel a difference!' - Jon Scott, '04 GTP

'Shifts great, can really feel the difference.’- Joe Huntress, ’04 GTP

'So far so good! Completely woke the car up! GM should take a few hints.' - Sam Priscu, '04 Impala SS

'Truly fabulous!! The new PCM from INTENSE really woke the car up! I ran my buddy who also has a CompG and he could not believe how quickly I pulled away from him!' - Brian Arellano, '04 GTP CompG

'My SS is reborn a beast with this PCM and the security relearn worked like a charm.' - Gerald Reyes, '04 Impala SS

'Great!! Really helpd the top end from 4500-6000, where it needed it the most.' - Steve Greer, '04 Impala SS

'Night and day over my old PCM' - Dan Linke '04 Impala SS

'Good power for price, want more power soon’- Anthony Carroll, ’04 Impala SS

'Excellent upgrade in shift points and overall more fun to drive.' - Gregory Dull, '04 GTP

'Love the performance - pulls great.' - John Chandler, '04 GTP

'On my first drive... WOW! I am impressed! Most certainly a noticeable difference!' - Lucas Kane Busard, '04 GTP CompG

'Hit the gas and whiiiiiiiiiiine - it runs all the way to the redline like a whipped bitch. I couldn't have asked for more. Smooth power, solid yet smooth shifting. Shift points right where they should be.' - Allen Kevorkov, '04 GTP CompG

'Love it.' - Chris Desio, '04 GTP CompG

'It seemed to start out like there was no changes whatsoever but after about 1/2 hour of driving, it woke my SS right up. It shifts firmer and seems to have picked up some SOTP (seat of the pants) power and I can't wait to bring it to the track Friday night. I would recommend this PCM to anyone.' - Kevin Kunz, '04 Impala SS

'I can't believe how dumbed down my car was. Of all my planned upgrades this is probably the best bang for the buck. - Alan Clarke, '04 Impala SS

'The greatest thing in the world is a launch not limited by PCM control!' - Chuck Perkins, '04 GTP CompG

'This thing is awesome. Best performance for the money anyone could buy. I can't believe I waited this long to purchase it.' - David Scott, '04 GTP

'Great job. You can sure tell the difference.' - Dennis Morrison, '04 GTP CompG

'Nice to shift at 6 grand...I am very satisfied with my INTENSE PCM.' - Rocky Bailey, '04 MC SS

'Love it!' - Matt Foresta, '04 MC SS

'Trust me people this is a very awesome mod, especially at the top end, WTFO!!!' - John Kuehner, '04 GTP CompG

'Awesome SOTP Feel' - David Varone, '04 GTP

'The car is much more responsive, no more hesitation. Love the new PCM.' - Larry Maier, '04 GT

'Love it!' - Joseph R Bellber, '04 GT2

'Awesome!' - Mike Cook, '04 GTP CompG

'Simply love it. Totally changes the feel of the car.' - Tom Harrington, '04 GTP CompG

'I like it a lot. It worked just as advertised.' - Dustin Ryan, '04 Regal GS

'It's great, well worth the money!' - Travis Wynia, '04 GTP CompG

'Much more responsive, shifts a lot better.' - William Wells, '04 GTP

'I love it!! The best mod by far!' - Alan Schach, '04 Monte Carlo Supercharged SS

'I really liked my INTENSE PCM. I'm real happy with your product. I'll be a returning customer.' - Cristobal Banda, '04 Impala LS

'Works great - shifting is much quicker now. Really helps out the top end.' - Eric Norville, '04 Impala SS

'I am very pleased with the new PCM. I love the new shift points and improved throttle response.' - Jason Schlueter, '04 Bonneville SE

'Great product! More responsive out of the box. 100 miles later, everything seemed to come together perfectly! Shift points, O2's, + power throughout the RPM band!' - Michael Mlodgewski, '03 GTP

'I like it you can tell a difference so far' - Aleks Atanasovski, '03 GTP

'Satisfied, Thank you.' - Andrew Rocha, '03 GTP

'Love knowing I have a great product in my car along with great customer service that came with it.' - Joseph Sciacca, '03 GTP

'Awesome! Much better than before, it pulls tons harder now.' - Mike Dill, '03 GTP

'Normal driving you can’t tell it’s in which is great on mpg, but once you put the pedal down is sets you back in your seat. Sounds great shifting at 6K! Great Product’- Dustin Heidemann, ‘03 GTP

'The car reacts just like the name implies...INTENSE. Best investment ever made.' - Robert Ramos, '03 GTP

'I absolutely love this thing. really woke the car up... It is for my wife's car and now she has caught the mod bug. Awesome job guys!!!' - Ryan Toth, '03 SSEi

'Installed in 5 min. Up & running perfect in about 30 min. The directions made installation simple.' - Joseph Guanti, '03 Bonneville

'Amazing difference, best $ spent on my car for sure!' - Jonathan Markus, '03 Regal GS

'I love the shifts and no governor. Better low end torque.' - Micheal Griffith, '03 GT

'Very Nice, So Far no complaints, shifts nice.' - John Leverenz, '03 Monte Carlo SS

'Extreme difference in power and shifts, I loved it’- Justin Southern, ’03 Monte Carlo SS

'It’s Excellent very pleased with the difference’- 03 Regal GS

'Very nice especially firm shifting it is much improved over stock.' - Kyle Scheid, '03 Monte Carlo SS

'The INTENSE PCM you sent me made the car like a rocket ship...I give it 2 thumbs up!' - Casimer Vermac III, '03 Monte Carlo SS

'Love it :) Customer Service is top notch. Great product from INTENSE for teh 3400 Impalas.' - Lee Louden, '03 Impala

'Shift points are better, love the cooling fans coming on at 186, no more lag.' - Christopher Donnelly, '02 SSEi

'Overall I am VERY pleased with the pcm at this point. The car now fuels much better than before. My O2`s would only be at 850 max at WOT. Now they are right in the 910-920 range.' - Brian Hofer, '03 GS

'It really woke the car up. Very nice change from stock. I especially like the new shifting characterisitcs. The INTENSE PCM is well worth the $169.00 they are asking.' - David Clark, '02 GS

'Love the PCM!! Also love everything else purchased from INTENSE. You guys have a great company!' - Steve Prescott, '02 Regal GS

'This thing doesn't just open a can of whoop ass, it opens a whole six pack." - Robert Cooke Jr., '02 Regal GS

'Drives much better than factory, better shifts.' - Jeff Blake, '02 Monte Carlo SS

'˜I am really impressed, better shifts, haven't got it above 110 yet, cops all around, I think its a really good PCM.' Michael Smith, '02 Alero GLX

'I like it. It gives the car firmer shifts and holds the gear all the way to 6k. Feels like the car has much more torque.' - Travis Murphy, '02 Monte Carlo SS

'Second PCM I've got from INTENSE, first one is in my 02 Monte Carlo SS (^^^). Both cars have very notceable gains and shift much better than stock, great product!!!' - Jeff Blake, '02 GTP

'Best tune on the market. Big performance gain, wouldn't recommend anyone else.' - Erick Olech, '02 GTP

'Responsiveness of car is greatly improved! This is how the vehicle should have been sold by Pontiac' - Ryan Gordon, '02 GTP

'Horsepower is good. Couldn't get tires to hook, too cool outside.' - Joe Clifton, '02 GTP

'Very nice improvement' - Bill Miller, 02' GTP

'Great! Firmer shifts, faster downshifts, quicker acceleration, and less knock retard. What more is there to ask for from a PCM??? - Craig Stabler, '02 GTP

'Awesome boost in power!! A definite bang for your buck, a must for any ar owner looking for some more power.' - Eric Marder, '02 GTP

'The best bang for your buck! This PCM is the biggest & most noticable improvement in one part. I enjoy everytime I mash the throttle I get put back into my seat.' - Dan Francisco, '02 GTP

'With my current mods, the INTENSE PCM really woke my car up. I've noticed it on the street. It is nice to feel the car pulling so hard from the get go.' - Tracy Bright, '02 GTX

'Satisfied' - Scott Peterson, '02 Impala

'Money well spent. Best purchase I've made yet!' - Joey Ferranti, 02 Imapala LS

'Made my car come alive. I need sticker tires because I keep breaking loose.' - Chris Stover, '02 Alero

'Excellent/Love It' - Anil Nair, '02 GTP

'My car now feels TWEAKED and screams to redline in an instant! I love my INTENSE PCM! Would reccomend to anyone with an L67!' - Ray Valentino, '02 GTP

'WOW! I can't believe the performance my car now has.' - Johnathan Yeater, '02 GTP

'Very happy with the higher shift points, firmer shifts and increased power. Also helped quite a bit with KR.' - Kevin Mooney. '02 GTP

'Love it! Thanks so much!' - Tracy Newell, '02 GTP

'The car runs much better and much smoother at idle. I just love when you hit the throttle and the downshift puts you in your seat.' - Scott Bowie Jr., '02 GTP

'I have driven about 150 miles today with the new programing and am very pleased with the changes!!! The PCM shifts the trans at WOT @ 6300 RPM now, taking full advantage of INTENSE Stage 1X cam profile. This is very cool! I was going almost 90 mph before it came out of second gear onto the freeway! The car definatly feels very quick. Shift parameters were modified differently from my old DHP PCM. The WOT 30-40 drop down to first gear was not to my liking. In my opinion at 37-40 mph it can't be good for the trans to drop down into first gear. So they set this so it would not drop into first unless the car was under 37 MPH, this also matches the INTENSE TC better to keep the motor in the power band. The car starts easier now than before the new PCM. Before I would have to hold the key in the start position longer. Something else I like is having my PCM reading as a '02 on the scanner instead of an '99 model year. Less opportunity for dealership red flags.' - Mike Murphy, '02 GT

'I love it. I took it out for a short test run. I am amazed at the difference. Much improved takeoff better shifts. I am impressed.' - Tim Strong, '02 Bonneville SE

'Love it! Thanks!' - Joe Ambroggo, 02 SSEi

'It works very well!! Perfect shift every time.' - Tim Daw, 02 SSEi

'This is my 2nd PCM. Both are amazing. You guys should teach GM a few things.' - Sean Keyser, '02 GTP

'I love it and will definitely deal with INTENSE again!' - Norm Howe, '02 GTP

'Works great!!' - Mitchell Gilbert, '02 GTP

'Great. It pulled way harder than before and the shifts were perfect!' - Art Blansitt, '02 GTP

'Very happy. Feels more alive. I was worried that the shifts would be too harsh, but that is not the case still feels great. Car even sounds better.' - Paul McGlone, '02 GTP

'I love it. It's made my mods come alive. Throttle resonse is excellent & the high RPM power is impressive. Worth every penny.' - Michael Matuszeh, '02 GTP

'As Advertised...Now if I can just find a stretch of empty road long enough....129mph before, 137 so far on a 1 mile stretch...maybe Talledega' - Billy Blount, '02 GTP

'It scoots pretty good.' - Dan Colla, '01 Regal GS

'Very Satisfied' - John Grooms, '01 GS

'Very Happy with product' - Chris Lorson, '01 Monte Carlo

'Great, Thanks!' - Gatlin Brown, '01 Monte Carlo

'Scott I am enjoying this PCM you tuned for me Friday The car is running awesome ZZP can't touch this tune!! There is a Total Diff. It feels Like a factory GM tune with an option Stage 1 factory check off code when I ordered the car. Lets see if GM will hire you part time to do these tunes I should of came to you sooner. The prodigal son has retuned If you will accept me back. - Randy Gilmore, '01 GS

'It's Great.' - Michael Lomonaco, '01 GTP

'Easily the best $169 I've spent on a performance mod as of yet.' - Daniel Kresler, '01 GTP

'Love It! Much better throttle response, trans shifts and driveability. Feels faster and actually gets better fuel economy!' - John Patty, '01 GTP

'Made a major difference. You can definately feel it at every RPM. This car just screams now. Hard to believe a computer can make this much of a difference on a little 3400.' - Michael Busch, '01 Impala 3400

'WOW! This car scoots now! Shifts are firmer & powerband has new life! Thanks Scott!' - Mike Stewart, '01 GTP

'You guys are great! Scott - if everyone else is as good as you - you guys must be a great team.' - Courtney Predovich, 01' GTP

'Awesome, thats all I can say.' John W. Reed - '01 SSEi

'It works great' - Colin Fry - '01 SSEi

'Amazing... shift points are awesome!' - Nick Masse, '01 GTP

'Now I've passed emissions with the INTENSE PCM, I'm returning my core because I'll never run again with the stock PCM. I love the firm crisp shifting with the raised new points 52mph in 1st gear, 95 in 2nd gear. It's worth the money.' - David Clark, '01 Regal LS

'Absolutely love it! It is odd having to learn how to drive my own car all over again! Great job!' - Gary Holland, '01 Regal GSE

'MUCH quicker' - Joe Malczewski, '01 Regal GS

'Made my Regal one bad Bitch J’- Gregg Moyer, ’01 Regal GS

'I got noticable performance' - Andrew Trifone, '01 Regal GS

'I love it. It shifts nice and hard. It gave me a big grin.' - Mike Cullen '01 GTP

'Previously had Digital Horsepower INC. and INTENSE is way better, Very happy great driveability and transmission shifting, and flat out faster than DHP’ - Justin Kerg, ’01 GTP

'You guys are great. I'm looking forward to doing business you again.' - Tomasz Wrzask, '01 GTP

'Had DHP computer before. Yours is way better. Noc check engine lights and noticeable power increaes over DHP' - Justin Kerg - 01' GTP

'Spectacular. Car finally runs right.' - David Heinke, '01 GTP

'Wonderful' - Craig Pachar of The Triangle Speed Shop, '01 GTP

'Definately woke up the engine especially in the mid-range.' - Anthony Speth, '01 GTP

'Shifts are much softer than the DHP. Burst knock retard is now gone, yea!!! Overall I am very pleased' - David M. Moore, '01 GTP

'Well I got my new INTENSE PCM on and WOW thats a big change from the stock!!! I will say that this PCM pulls just as hard and shifts just as strong as the DHP that I used to have in the car with the same modds. Im not going to come right out and say that one is better than the other because Im only going by the seat of my pants feeling. I can say for only paying $169 Im very happy with it. Its nice to see all the info right on the pcm, they even put the Vin number on there + a nice Intense sticker.' - David Nichols, '01 GTP

'I am happy with it. After a few days I could feel a difference in overall performance of the car.' - Eugene Orlanes, '01 GTP

'GOOD - GOOD - GOOD!' - Kevin Upton, '01 GTP/GTX

'Great Mod' - Robert Ponti, '00 SSEi

'Great so far' - Christian VanFassen, '01 SSEi

'Significant difference. More gas mileage! Great tech help!' - Robert Sylvester Sr., '01 SSEi

'Just plain awesome! The difference over the stock PCM is night and day' - Jeff Bonk, '01 SSEi

'Outstanding Gains, Quick + Easy Install' - Anthony Chowning, 01 GT

'Love the raised shift points, rear 02 delete, and the fan on at key off.' - Andrew Baumea, '01 GT

'Nice too know theres a place like INTENSE for superior products and online support.' - Rich Tuccitto, '01 GT

'So I just have to say that my new INTENSE PCM is great! Car is running like a beast now. The 6K shifts with the rockers is amazing! Huge difference vs. Stock PCM. The midrange power is quite nice so is non-WOT acceleration. Shifts are nice a crisp, even with the shiftkit, 1-2 is nice and firm.' - Taylor Dus, '01 SSEi

'So far so good. Better shift points than my DHP unit had.' - Michael Williams, '00 Park Avenue

'Very Happy, You did it again!!!' - Michael Williams, '00 Park Avenue

'No issues. Works like a charm. I should have satarted with this mod first.' - Dharmawan Indrathaher, '00 Buick Regal LS

'I love the new shift points and it feels like it pulls harder!!' - Ben Weaver, '00 GTP

'Good. Thanks guys!' - Juan Sanchez, '00 GTP

'Absolutely love the PCM. Worked very well with my other mods. Love the shift points and the even power gains throughout the RPM's.' - Andy Pitzen, '00 GTP

'Awesome. Noticible difference before any other mods. Best spent money.' - Steven Howell, '00 GTP

'I love it' - Jeffrey Lomanaco, '00 GTP

'Great' - Anthony Hunter, '00 GTP

'INTENSE Enterprsies was an overall great experience with great products and support. Thanks.' - Terrance Mathes, '00 GTP

'Love It!' - James Beard, '00 GTP

'The PCM, only about 10 miles on, was amazing. The shift points were perfect, and no more lag. That 2K-3K lag and 3.8K to 4.5K lag, all gone. Car rides in the lower gears right at 2K-2.2K, so when I hit the throttle there is no lag, just pull. Even that lag that I always had when hitting the throttle while cruising on the highway, gone. The PCM, I'll say again, is incredible.' - Doug Mariotti, '00 GTP

'I love the 6000 RPM Redline, It breaths new life into my car!' - Charles Maurice, '00 GT

'Awesome', - Mike Petri, '00 GTP

'I like the way it shifts. No need of execcive shifting.' - Joe Huntress, '00 GTP

'Performs well...' - Brennen Heigh, '00 GPT

'INTENSE PCM's have always been great. It definately unleashed some hidden power in my car. This is the second one I own and I will continue to use INTENSE PCM's for future mods.' - Joel Kruppa, '00 GTP

'I am surprised! This IS one INTENSE PCM. The best upgrade I have found for $100.00. The car used to lay down @ 4000rpm now it goes like stink to 6000 RPM. The bottom end torque is great too. The butt dyno says at least 2/10's from this mod alone if not more. DHP who?!?' - William Bartley, '00 GTP

'It's really nice, I like it how it leaves the fans on when I turn off the car when it hits 180 degrees' - Steven Kalfen, '00 3800 F-Body

'Very responsive, almost like a different car.' - Chris Giles, '00 GTP

'Very pleased with it.' - Jeff Seveland,' - 00 GTP

'Works great, makes the care come to life, so much better’ - Philip Dowell, ’00 GTP

'Great business, great customer support' - South Shore High Performance, '00 GTP

'After installing my PCM I could feel a huge difference in how hard my car pulled, and its shifts much better now.' - Nicholas Smoke, '00 GTP

'You guys do excellent work! This made a hell of difference. I love the way it drives and performs!' - Bo Ott, '00 Bonneville SSEi

'About a year ago I had a problem with one of your PCM's. you rplaced it with no hassle and no cost to me. That is one of the reasons that I continue to use your products.' - Chris Cooper, '00 SSEi

'It really woke up the car. It gave the car that kick it needed.' - Brandon Kates, '00 GTP

'It is amazing. It feels like a brand new car with a V8 in it. I raced a 305 Camaro and beat it!’- Aaron Dixon,’00 Grand Prix GT

'I love watching the RPM needle go deep into the red when I mash the gas.' - Daniel Erickson, '00 GT

'This is a good mod that helps optimize my other performance additions.' - Darrell Smith, '00 GTP

'Sweet!' - Marc Palanse, '00 LeSabre

'Works great. A nice step up for when you plan to mod your car to the next level' - Eugene Clemente, '00 GTP

'I sold the DHP for the INTENSE, no regrets, I like it much better and so does my car and transmission.' - Gil Morales, '00 GTP

'Love it!' - Joe Files, '00 GTP

'Great Product, easy to install' - Brian Kozell, '00 Regal GS

'Works Great!' - Mizzi's Automotive (Dominic), '00 SSEi

'Its awesome, the car at WOT feels like a beast. Awesome mod made by awesome people.' - Oliver Reyes, '00 SSEi

'Very pleased. Shifts are firmer, better throttle response make it fun to drive again.' - Mike Lavins, '00 SSEi

'F-in Love It!! he car's performance went through the roof! I would recommend to anyone.' - tim Lee, '00 SSEi

'I love it. Made a huge difference, can't wait to install the smaller pulley.' - Josh Crowe, '00 SSEi

'Noticed the difference on the first ride. Run great and shifts better.' - James Lubiejewski, '00 SSEi

'Nothing short of awesome. Much more responsive and the higher shift points are fun.' - Tom Boutain, '00 SSEi

'The Best! The proof is in the results!' Paul Bernardo, '00 SSEi

'Happy so far.' Jared Shelton, '00 Bonneville

'Love It' - Patrick Nolette, '00 SSEi

'Great product with excellent install instructions!!' - Mark Pich, '00 SSEi

'An absolute must for any car' - Michael Wisniewski, '00 SSEi

'It's great, I can really fell the power now. I have a hard time getting the tires not to spin.' - Ethan Schlottke, '00 SSEi

'Love it. Way better shifting than before. Also like knowing the the speed limiter is removed, not that I use it....' - Noel Lidster, '00 SSEi

'Got my PCM in today and all I can say is WOW. Doing everything it should and doing it well. Shifted at 6200, fan turned on when car was off, stronger shifts, just more power everywhere. Thank you so much for making such a great product.' - Joe Kravitz, '00 GT

'I really like the features to better cool the drivetrain. I also noticed some extra power at around 40MPH in second gear which is a nice change. Well worth the investment.' - Erik Keltner, '00 GTP/GTX

'Already had the stock PCM out by the time the ups man came and hook her right up and holy shit it pulled hard right out of the bat half boosting at like 20 mph. Then i floored it and the shift at 6200 is just wicked. They said INTENSE PCM's dont shift as hard as the DHP but it shifted hard enough for me. I finally got to test out 2nd gear and i just kept pulling and pulling,top end is so much better. I love it! Really woke up car. Shift points are great. Better than DHP!! 169 bux well spent, great product INTENSE.' - Lewis Rivera, '00 GTP

'At first it shifted soft, but improved a lot firmer after a week. More fun to drive.' - Mark Stevens, '00 GS

'I noticed right away the extra snap in the tranny but kept it civil around town. On the highway I opened her up a little and liked the quick punch in acceleration and the higher shift points. Hats of to the INTENSE Racing Team for a superb job and providing a top quality product.'- O'Neil Loza, '00 SSEi

'Great. The PCM installed in about 30 minutes. The difference in the stock PCM and the INTENSE PCM is like night and day. No longer cuts back at 105'- Terrance Peeks, '00 SSEi

'Nice. More pulling power through mid, good acceleration, increased shift points are incredible, engine runs smooth and cool.' - Robert Pitts, '00 GTP

'The PCM really woke up the car. With the raised shift points I have power all the way to 6800RPM!' - Steve Miller, '00 GTP

'I do love the skip shifts' - Mike Tran, '00 GTP

'Nothing but love for the INTENSE PCM. I think is the perfect balance for saftey and power for my mods. We turned off torque management for everything except the shifts. We did reduce the timing pull by half during those shifts though. The shifts are about perfect. Not to strong but definately hard enough to let you know your moving. Unfortunately now that its perfect, i may be moving on to a stage 1 PCM as soon as i put the 1x cam in' - Todd Allen, '00 SSEi

'I've had my INTENSE PCM in for a couple days now and I love it! The shift points and firmness are much better. Also the car feels like it has more power across the entire rpm band. They were also able to program my tire size in so my speedo isnt off. I'd recommend this PCM to anyone!' - Dean Chin, '00 GSX

'Runs like a beast!' - Marcus Crow, '00 GTP

'I love it! Better Shifts! Feel the power!' - Craig Plantrich, '00 GT

'The PCM is great. Really woke the car up.' - Matt Benson, '00 GTP

'Def a lot more responsive - feels like more than just a four-door now.' - Tom Douglass, '00 GTP

'It should come on car stock OMFG!! Makes me forget gas prices and go drive.' - Tim Simpson, '00 GTP

'Working great and can definately feel the power increase.' - Tom Douglass, Jr. '00 Grand AM GT

'I like the new RPM range.' - Nick Kowalczyk, '00 Grand AM GT

'Excellent. Great shifts, more power, great redline, with no loss in gas milage.' - Jared Laughlin, '00 GT

'Great value and noticed a difference immediately - went along with other mods great' - Ryan Long, '00 GTP

'Great Customer Service with quick email responses. Thank you very Much.' - Randy Cram '99 GTP

'I love it! I would recommend INTENSE to anyone who is not afraid to go fast.' - James Keith, '99 GTP

'Works Great' - Eric Cichon, '99 GTP

'Excellent value, great transaction, friendly customer service. A+++!' - Marcus Nichols, 99 GTP

'Great quick mod, great gains' - James Groso, '99 GTP

'Great product. Hope to do business in the near future.' - James Groso, '99 GTP

'Very helpful with all my questions.' - Mike Kinzey, '99 GTP

'Great!!!' - Corey Bozich, '99 GTP

'Love the shifting & rev limiter increase. Made a good car into a great car.' - Chad Hayes, '99 GTP

'It is the best product that I've installed on my car. Shifting is great!' - Andy Martinez '99 GTP

'I love it. So far my car runs and sounds great, this is a great product.' - Blaine Rigby '99 GTP

'Great. It has optimized all previous mods...and what a great addition.' - Dwayne Bettes, '99 GTP

'Great! Shift points were the icing on the cake. Throttle response was outstanding! Thank you for such a great product!' - Kamran Khan, '99 GTP

'Great product. Really woke up the car.' - Nick Falzone, '99 GTP

'So far it's great. Noticed the power immediately. Lot less lag at shift points also.' - Jesse Fricker, '99 GTP

'Great!' - Brent Brouillette, '99 GTP

'LOVE the 3-1,4-2 shift skips! The higher RPM shift points are great too! It feels like its shifting where I'd want it to shift if it were a manual! - Nick Oblamski '99 GPT

'Love it.' - Philip Dean, '99 GTP

'Very nice pull through rpms. No top speed is awesome had speedo pointed down at feet. Noticable gas mileage increase.' - Chuck Haddad, '99 GP SE

'Pretty cool; red line shifting, better repsonse, more aggressive' - Aaron Oziel, '99 GS

'I like it.' - Toby Tooley, 99 Grand prix

'LOVE IT!!' - Daniel Duplechin, '99 Camaro

'It is very nice. Better than expected. Runs much cooler has much more torque, shifts much faster. Requires much less throttle than the old pcm to spin the tires.' - John Ireland, '99 Regal GS

'Good' - Hans Schreyer. '99 Regal GS

'Beautiful. Tied my mods together well. Much sharper shifting, keeps the engine pushing hard' - Barret Bonkoski, '99 GS

'Love it' - Mike Bottomley, '99 GS

'It seems like everything now is working together properly.' - Jason Nederostek, '99 GSX

'I see my front tires wearing prematurely.' - Brian D. Burr, '99 GT

'I am very staisfied with it. My car runs and shifts so much better!' - Donald Rome, '99 GT

'Why didn't I get this thing sooner!?!' - Chris Bores, '99 GT

'I absolutely love it! The performance gain can definitely be felt!' - David Krakora, '99 GT

'I love the way my car is ready to go no matter what speed I'm at. It pulls hard!' - Micah Rasmussen, '95 Grand Prix w/99 L67 swap

'Happy with it. Really woke up my car.' - Jeremy Sorenson, '99 GTP

'First unit sent seemed to miss, replaced immediately and second unit is great! Car really moves now, great customer service.' - Curtis Williams, '99 GTP

'Shift points are stiffer and longer making the car pull better. Helped to reduce knock 2 points.' - Steven Macuoy, '99 GTP

'I'm very impressed by my PCM. I'm glad someone finally introduced a PCM for my mod setup. Keep up the good work. P.S. Great Price!!!' - John Broughton, '99 GTP

'I am excited. Great fit for my mods!' - Ted Jansky, '99 GTP

'Seems to work great, the throttle seems more consistent throughout the rpm range.’ - Daniel Werner sr, ’99 GTP

'Very satisfied. Your PCM has really woken my GTP up. Great Product!' - Tom Connell, '99 GTP

'Love it!! Nice mod’- Clarence Monnis, ’99 GTP

'I love the way it woke up my GTP! It brought all of my mods alive! Best choice for a PCM by far. Thank You!' - Jerald Gammarillo, '99 GTP

'Pulls harder in the power band. Increased overall performance.' - Tom Handrinos, '99 GT

'It's great, really lives up to it's reputation of making the car more fun to drive. You can't beat the new price!' - Thomas Rufo, '99 GTP

'Got my PCM and put it in right away. Was blown away from the start, the upper power was amazing. The real test came when I went to the track. Made me go from 14.8 to 14.4 in the ¼ mile. One thing I noticed was I had no 2-3 shift at WOT, so I emailed INTENSE and they sent me a new PCM with a different shift point for free, and even paid to send the old one back to them. Talk about excellent customer service!!! The new one works like a champ! Now I have the 2-3 shift at WOT, and the car now screams more then ever. Thank you for the great product and great customer service!!!' - John Barbieri, '99 GTP

'Just put it in tonight, can really feel difference going into 2nd. Also got to run up to 128 in 3rd before I hit traffic. Car also stays cool now.' - Tim Crutchfield, '99 GTP

'Extremely happy. Really wakes up the car (even with 160k). Great bang for the buck.' - Jason Clay '99 GTP

'After I did a case learn the PCM became much more responsive! Overall it's awesome!' - Marshall Potter, '99 GT

'New shift points feel good & speed limiter delete is awesome.' - Dean Watkins '99 GT

'Throttle response is improved and I can definately feel the added HP/Torque. I am very impressed with both product and customer service." - Mark Clark, '99 GT

'I am not only pleased with the performance of my PCM but also with the staff at INTENSE Racing - second to none!' - James Williams, '99 Riviera

'Your PCM gives better throttle response, faster downshifts, and has improved the driveability of the car. This is how it should have come from the factory.' - David Ricotta '99 LeSabre

'Works Great!' - Kirk Chadrick, '99 Bonneville SE

'Works great definite power gains.' - Gregory Hoffman, '99 GT

'Excellent!' - Justin Lieb, '99 Bonneville SSEi

'The gains I noticed were night and day. And INTENSE has more support for vehicles BY FAR and is leading the pack with new vehicles. Ask the 04 guys. Shop with the company that brought the market down for us all and treats us right.' - Ed Morad, '98 GTP and '99 GTP

'Good investment. Noticeable power gains through the RPM range and a slittle better fuel economy.' - Zach Zahrhdt, '98 Camaro

'Love it! Definately a noticeable difference over stock.' - Michael Pinheiro, '98 GTP

'A+++ I love it! 10 times better then any other PCM I have used.' - Scott Listy, '98 GTP

'As always I feel very confident in the product. The only company I trust to accurately program a PCM.' - Eric Fiebiger, '98 GTP

'It is great. Can feel the increase in HP and ride.' - Ryan Brown, '98 GTP

'F***in Awesome. My friend also has a GTP, he is so jealous.' - Troy Bluth, '98 GTP

'Very nice, the best improvement (most noticable).' - Nick Wilder, '98 GTP

'Feels great and shifts better. Thanks.' - Michael Shipley, '98 GTP

'Still is learning the car but it had immediate increases on the low end. Pulled great through all gears and really wakes up the car.' - Michael O'Reilly, '98 GS

'Nice shift points. Behaves much better. Put down a good 20' of rubber, lack of torque management is nice.' - Thaddeus Brzycki III, '98 GS

'Great! Nice idle and smooth power transition' - Christopher Emilio, '98 GTP w/ SC Swap

'Love IT!!!' - Jaret Herring, '98 GTP

'I like it very much. I noticed the power from the new pulley was more useable.' - James Hansen, '98 GTP

'Its the best $99 you can spend, the 6K shifts really help the rockers and I love the downshifts.' - Kurtis Navarro, '98 GTP

'Works great.' - Scott Maher, '98 GTP

'Freakin awesome! Much better than my "custom tune"' - Brad Anderson, '98 GTP

'Very pleased, noticable difference, affordable price!!!' - Robert Hermon Jr., '98 GTP

'I love the extra pull at WOT, wish I could have gone to the track to try for a new 1/4 mile time.' - Drew Watson, '98 GT

'I really like the 6K shift points.' - Brandon Patterson, '98 GTP

'I love it! Better then my DHP v1.0! Best PCM for the money thats for sure!' - Steve Kidd, '98 GTP

'Enjoy the new settings. My car runs a lot faster. I never thought that I could ever burn tires up like can now. P.S. Hondas Suck!!' - Jeremy Walker

'Very satisfied, would recommend.' - Justin Ritter, '98 GTP

'Great!' - Chuck Freiberg '98 GTP

'This PCM is awesome! It really brings out the powerband of my cam. Great job to you guys at INTENSE!!!' - Aaron Brown, '98 GTP

'I like it already. I was tired of the crappy DHP PCM. I wanted something that was editable now, not when beta testing is done.' - Aaron Wolfe, '98 GTP

'I'm gonna need a surgeon to remove this smile!' - Andrew Mills, '98 GTP

'Great, Thanks for all the help on the phone’- Troy Slavkovsky, ’98 GTP

'Great product. It really woke up my riviera' - John Schuman, '98 Riveiera L67

'I'm extremely happy with the new PCM, it's working GREAT! I get less KR than stock and the tranny doesn't shudder anymore. How exciting!' - Derek Cunningham, '98 Riviera L67

'Nice' - Brian Starr, '98 GTP

'Beautiful. The car shifts like it wants me to love it.' - Brandon Wallace, '98 GT

'Works Great' - Dan Wieland, '98 GT

'I am very pleased with the difference it has made in the aggressiveness of my car.' - Kelly Jones, '98 GT

'Better top end with no more 40mph lag' - Dayton Gardner, '98 GTP

'Smoother powerband at wide open throttle. Quicker, crisp shifts. Nice improvement. Better fuel economy.' - Ben Brown, '98 GTP

'It's better than DHP!' - Benjamin Cook, '98 GTP

'I love it. Car runs better than it ever has before, even has a smoother idle.' - Brett Brown, '98 GS

'Couldn't be any happier !! Thanks. The best bang for the far.' - Sean Dwyer, - '98 GS

'All I can say is WOW!' - Mark Wolgamott, '98 GS

'I love it...Now I don't get my ass kicked from a 40mph roll...A must have mod and a dam good price', Eric Delgado, '98 GS

'Very impressive, car is much more responsive' - Brian Duncan, '98 GS

'Love the higher shift points, a great mod for anybody at a reasonable price.' - Kevin Schultz, '98 Bonneville SE

'Love it!' - Chris Meyers, '98 GTP

'I Love it, It shifts larder, lets me burn the tires right off it, and I’m faster now, Thanks INTENSE!' - Brad Doak, ’98 GTP

'I like it!!!' - Cody Simpson, '98 GTP

'No other company have I seen give you more options for matching a PCM to your climate. When using the PREVIOUS ZZP ECU I had almost extracted a piston the hard way. Now I can do WOT shifts from 1st to second w/ no KR. This is a result of better options and a better guide to selecting those options.' - Eric Fiebiger, '98 GTP

'I love the new PCM. Car shifts a lot better now. Feels like a totally new car now!' - Dave Caddell, '98 GT

'Great Improvement' - Dan Thurs, '98 SSEi

'Great! I had a rice grinder try and take me last night. By the time I hit 120, I could barely see his headlights.' - D. Greig Bellum '98 SSEi

'The car is no longer mushy! Can feel the power! Really wakes up the car.' - Earl W. El-Amin, '98 Bonneville SE

'Nice shifts, much firmer, love the higher rev limiter. Like night & day.' - Tim Culver, '98 Bonneville SE

'It did a lot for my car, dropping it 4 tenths in the 1/4 mile' - Erik Gilly, '98 GTP

'I love the PCM so far. I can hear more of a whistle from my SC and pulls like a bat out of hell.' - Fernando Parra, '98 GTP

'I love it!' - Jason Sadowsky, '98 GTP

'I love it! There’s no longer the 40 MPH lag when it shifts. The car performs great now.' - David Dodge, ’98 Monte Carlo Z34

'A solid product, one of the best mods I've done to the car!' - James Bahleda, '98 Regal LS

'Huge Difference, Surprised me on how much power it added.' - Jon Holtz, '98 Regal GS

'I love it. It really ties my other mods together nicely. I enjoy greater power and better overall driveability. Thanks!' - Jon Clark, '98 GTP

'Very impressed with the overall performance. Wendy's PCM performed so well that other members of the Chicago Grand Prix club will be ordering INTENSE PCM's soon.' - Scott Sears, '98 GTP

'Torque management and burst knock tuning is awesome! Part throttle KR is gone, I like the shifting behaviour that I see so far and this is only with around 20 minutes worth of driving and no case learn yet. I am 165% happy with the PCM so far, it smokes the tuning that my local DHP rep has done for me so far. Intense Racing = da shiet' - John Rehman, '98 GTP

'It really woke the car up. Great bang for the buck!' - Mario Santillo, '98 GTP

'Always great, always reliable' - Eric Fiebiger, '98 GTP

'Love it!!!' - Robert Starr, '98 GTP

'Overall I'm happy with it. My car runs cooler and my speedo/shift points have been recalibrated.' - Michael Draing, '98 Camaro

'Easy 15min install and got my the fuel delivery I needed.' - Morgan Goff, '98 GTP

'This PCM is great, I felt a lot of power gained' - Tom Smith, '98 GTP

'Slight improvements were noticeable instantly, Performance improves with each drive cycleAlan Shaw, ’98 GTP

'I ordered parts for my Bonneville and Regal from most of the 3800 vendors. All of them have been very nice and prompt with their service. When It came to choosing a PCM I've heard good things about both Intense and DHP PCM's. In the end I chose Intense because they were the most prompt with answering my questions and I knew the turn around time would be quickest with their PCM over the others. The PCM is awesome. 30-40mph,40-50mph is where I see the most improvement. Its also nice knowing that I wont get cut off at 108! Probably the worst limiter ever! Thanks Intense for probably the best overall mod you can buy-John 1998 Buick Regal GS' - John Malgapo, '98 GS

'Wow what a huge diffrence! The factory should have done it this way in the first place. This Buick is not my father's Buick now. I am glad I waited for this, and did not buy DHP. Money well spent, I would buy another one.' - Randy Gilmore, '98 GS

'I got it the first week it came out. I liked it alot, it got me into the 13's and add almost 2 mph since my last best.' - Alex Der, '98 GTP

'I immediately felt increased acceleration across the entire RPM range. Great bang for the buck.' - William McGhee, '98 Monte Carlo Z34

'I really like it! Easy install.' - Dan Guzzetta, '97.5 GS

'Definitely gives the vehicle more pep throughout all driving ranges.' - Eddie Gonzalez, '97.5 GS

'Love it. Tightened up all the slop, Optimizes everything nicely’- Edwin Figler III, 97.5 Regal GS

'Huge improvement over stock. This is how the vehicles should be tuned from factory!!!! This thing is amazing!.' - Chris Bangs, '97.5 Regal GS

'I like the throttle response.' - Harry Stone, '97.5 GS

'I enjoyed the immediate difference the PCM offered' - Marcus Dreher, '97.5 GS

'I feel that between an INTENSE PCM or one from DHP, I made the right choice. Especially with the ability to customize and great customer service, I am forced to recommend.' - Bryan Perina, '97 GTP

'By far the best performance mod I've paid for and at $100.00 the cheapest. Shifting and hrosepower you can feel.' - Aaron Lang '97 GTP

'Amazing, really woke up my car. The 3-1 downshift is unreal.' Heath Nichols, '97 GTP

'I love it. Runs cooler, shifts better, runs way better! Love everything about it. It's how they should run.' - Nick Barton, '97 GTP

'The performance is amazing. The difference is incredible.'- Kenneth McBride, 97 GTP

'It feels like a totally different car. Even with 130,000 miles.' - Brian Richards, 97 GTP

'Good overall. Alot better roll-on power takes out dead spots. Can't beat it for the money.' - Mark Baker, '97 GTP

'Awesome! Shifting and downshifting works great. I know enjoy the drive to work!' - Bert Powell, '97 GS

'Immediate Higher RPMS and shifting firmer' - Carlos Elosequi, '97 Bonneville SSEi

'It's working great.' - Sean Maner, '97 Bonneville SE

'Love the new power band I have.’- Ryan Stockreef, ’97 s/c Riviera

'Absolutely great! Easy installation and my car feels more agressive, like it should be!' - Joshua Dillon, '97 Bonneville SE

'First ten miles have been great so far. I like the 6K rpm shifts. Definately wakes the L36 up along with the small mods. - Joshua Lowe, '97 Bonneville SE

'Wow, What a difference. Easy and best thing I've done. Fav. thing is transaxle changes.' - Alex Troesch, '97 GT

'Definitely worth the money, very satisfied' - Chad Smith, '97 GT

'I installed my Intense Standard PCM last Saturday, and I wanted to let you know it has worked wonderfully. Power is up, idle note is slightly deeper, shifts are later in the RPMs and firmer, just as advertised. Thank you for timely delivery and a great overall product.' - Ben Eichelberger, '97 SSE

'I am happy. Car is definitely faster.' - Mark Johnson, '97 Bonneville SSEi

'This is great. I love the skip shift, it really boosts the power. At 30MPH, gun it and all cars are now dots in your rearview.' - Aaron Peoples, '97 GTP

'I am very pleased with it. The car now feels so much more alive. Thanks for a great product.' - Adam Solomon, '97 GTP

'Tied all mods together, Exactly what I was looking for and needed, Thanks' - Adam Buck, ’97 GTP

'Much better performance over stock PCM. Firmer, quicker shifts along with new found power.' - Daniel Settle, '97 GTP

'It's really made the morning commute a whole lot more fun! Acceleration is a lot more responsive and brings new life to my 127,000 mile '97 GTP.' - Alan Krug, '97 GTP

'It feels pretty good, I can really get a good launch.' - Jose Leon Jr.

'I like it very much. Works well and just what I wanted.’- Brad Schmits, ’97 Buick Riviera

'I do feel a slight difference in acceleration and it shifts firmer than with the stock PCM' - Richard Theisen, ’97 Firebird

'Very nice, kick ass, I will be purchasing more products from you in the future.' - Chris Bangs, '97 GTP

'I like how it keeps you in the lower gears and the fans stay on about 2 minutes after engine off. I could feel a difference! Helped the high end RPM.' = Marty Schmidt, 97' GTP

'This past summer I purchased an INTENSE Standard PCM at the Pontiac Nationals at Norwalk. This was the mod that got me into the 13's. Best money I ever spent.' - Scott Sadowski, '97 GTP

'Love it, can't believe I lived without the extra rpms this long.' - Chris Kendall, '97 GTP

'GREAT thanks!' - Christine DeQuarto, '97 GTP

'Better highway mileage + more power!' - Donald Grigg, '97 GTP

'Wow what a big difference in power, shifting and overall performance.' - Dirk Dibert, '97 GTP

'I love my INTENSE PCM, definitely can feel a huge difference in acceleration. Love the extra boost I get at wide open throttle due to raised shift points of 6,000RPM.' - Travis Hnatiuk, '97 GTP

'Definitely runs a lot better top end! Thanks for the great product!' - Eric Slinker, '97 GTP

'I like it, car feels more powerful throughout the powerband.' - Guillaume Desrosiers, '97 Monte Carlo L67 swap

'Good' - Jason Law, '97 GTP

'Best upgrade for the money’- Dustin Thomas, ’97 GTP

'I like it - it has made a very noticeable difference' - Kevin Plowman, '97 GTP

'I love it! The car responds much more readily to the accelerator, and along with my FWI it's a conscious effort to take my foot off the gas.' - James Paxton, '97 GT

'It's definitely nice. Good pull, great shifts.' - Luke Speckhals, '97 GT

'I love it. Shifts Great.' - Nathn Haydon, '97 GT

'One of my BEST MODS!!! You can really tell the difference from a stock PCM, I should have got it sooner!' - Peter Radosevich, '97 GTP

'Great product, makes the car perform like it should. Runs smooth and cool.' - Tim Dyment, '97 GTP

'Works great, easy install.' - Logan Mayer, '97 GTP

'Good' - John Swanson, '97 GP SE

'Shifting is much better, feels more powerful throughout the power band.' - Jeff Murray, '92 Lumina Z34 L67 swap

3800 LSD Limited Slip Differential Testimonials

'I do like the two long tire marks in my drive..LOL' - Jason Myers, '95 GTP w/L67 Swap

'LOVE IT!' - Scott Holmblad, '04 GTP CompG

'Huge difference in traction over stock. Best purchase yet!' - Stephen Parenteau, '04 GTP Comp G

'It is one of the best mods that I have done. It really impressed me. Straight line no wheel hop, just great.' - Carl Dean, '01 GTP

'Love it!!!' - David Moore, '01 GTP

'Great '“ Noticeable Difference' - Jamie Taylor, '01 GT L67 Swap

'Doing a great job in equalizing tire thrust. Much better control and therefore, safety. Overcoming one of the worst things on this car.' - Nick Kentopp, '00 SSEi

'I love it'- Michael Wisniewski, '00 SSEi

'Awesome!' - Craig Cyr, '00 GTP

'Works great' - Jack Ford, '00 GTP

'I think it's great. I have much more control of the car and a better grip of the pavement.' - Darrin Migliore, '00 GTP

'This LSD is just too cool!' - Dean Chin, '00 GSX

'I luv my new LSD3. I can feel this thing working already and the new upper engine dog mounts are fucking awesome.' - Luis Pimpini, '00 GS

'Very pleasant' - Joel Rosario

'MUCH better than competitors and previous LSD's. Love the refreshing service!' - Jeremy Huycke,'99 GSE

'Love it!!!' - Jeff Wagner, '99 GTP

'Love it.' - Daniel Briones, '98 GTP

'Love it! 2 wheel burnout every time.' - Steven Chesser, '98 GTP

'One of the most directly noticeable mods I have done. Ranks with a pulley swap for bang for the buck!!' - Blake McBride, '98 GTP

'The take-offs feel much better, with less torque steer. Posi-blackmarks are awesome!' - Brian Atwood, '98 GS

'I love it!' - Robert Moschella Jr, '98 GS

'So far, so good. Torque steer greatly improved' - Thomas Neville, '98 GTP

'Awesome!!! One of the best mods to do if you go to the track!' - Ryan Stayer, '98 GTP

'LOVE IT' - Brad Yuronich, '98 GTP

'Awesome product' - Joshua Ferger, '97 GTP

'It's great, I love the added traction.' - Mike Bohlman, '97 GTP

'Like it very much nice. Nice, well built. Performs like a HD posi should.' - Bill Springfield, '88 Fiero GT (04 GTP Drivetrain swap)

'Feels much better in turns' - Jeff Murray Jr, '92 Lumina Z34 L67 swap

3800 M90 Supercharger Snout & Ported Housing Testimonials

'Great Shape, Very nice appearance, tight seals' - Donald Grigg, '97 GTP

'I like it, you can feel the difference right away.' - Carlos Godinez, '06 Cobalt SS

'Woke the car up...Pleased with the results...thanks guys!!! Keep up the good work.' - Lee Brown, '06 Cobalt SS

'Awesome! Very impressed with hour the snout turnedout.' - Joseph Hoppel, '05 Cobalt SS

'Good so far' - Chris Norton, '06 Cobalt SS

'Machined snout looks great!' - Travis McNulty, '05 Cobalt SS

'Supercharger snout is really awesome. Very Happy' - Steve Pokrzywinski, '04 ION Redline

INTENSE Customer Testimonials

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the great customer service and attention to detail on the modification and tuning of my 2009 Pontiac Twin Turbo G8 GT. I was blown away by how close the original mail order tune was that you sent Granatelli for this Big G8 SEMA Project Car. But after spending a good part of the day with you, Todd and Dyno Brian from Dyno Tune Motorsports, I have a better understanding of how much time and dedication it takes to make these cars perfect.

The results were worth the wait, I have had nitrous cars and supercharged cars but this car has converted me to a turbo fan for life. I have put about 1300 miles on my car and I'm still in total disbelieve of how docile this car is day to day and how much power this thing makes with only 9 lbs of boost. I averaged 24 mpg on the drive back to Michigan, and currently average about 19 mpg on my weekly commute. I never thought I would be driving a car that makes almost 650 horsepower and gets 24 mpg.' - John Sheskey, '09 G8 GT w/ APS Kit

'Thank you very much for your help, you guys are great! I cant stand ZZP and it is nice to be able to talk with someone that knows what they are talking about!' - Steve, '97 Regal GS

'Hi, Todd. My name is Bob Johnson. I visited your shop on monday and had some work done on my car. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the entire experience. The improvement in my car's performance is incredible,but above all I was pleased with the way I was treated. Everyone there was very friendly and you in particular answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future, and rest assured I will tell anyone who will listen about your excellent service. Also thank you very much for the tour of your facility' - Robert Johnson, '98 GTP

'I believe the car with mainly all INTENSE upgrades is at the maximum for what it can do supercharged. It also has been running that way for over a year stable. All parts and service have been of top notch quality. I even used an affiliated installer who was great to work with.' - Joseph Wigton, '06 Cobalt SS

'As always you gave me solid advice on mods. The motor mount installation was easy with a little WD-40 just like you said. But the best part was after I tested them out. Dash vibration gone!!!! Engine rocking gone!!!! Trans shifts smooth!!!!!!. I know one thing, you had to have done a lot of testing to dial these in this good.' - Ron Mitchell, 04 Impala SS

'Hey just wanted to let you know i am incredibly happy with my order. I emailed yesterday regarding whether or not the polyurethane mounts applied to the SSEi, then placed my order around 2 oclock yesterday for my 180* thermostat and FWI. So i realize you guys are in Ohio and im in Illinois so i chose ground shipping hoping to have it by saturday. TODAY i was on my lunch break and the UPS guy brought it, 21 hours after ordering. So thanks alot for shipping out so fast. I got the FWI installed tonight which was the first performance mod i've ever done on a car and am already addicted. It really brings out the whine from the supercharger when accelerating. Definately will be picking up a the 3.4" modular pulley system and some plugs from you in the near future. ' - Dan Joy, SSEi

'Just want to extend a quick thanx for the speedy delivery of the parts I recently ordered. General Motors refers to my 02 Regal GS as a "Luxury Performance" model. With the addition of your PCM, 3.4 Pulley, wires, plugs and thermostat it can easily be referred to now as "Luxury Muscle". An unbelievable difference. Everything as advertised and more. You can be assured we will do business again.' - Bob Edwards, '02 GS

'Hey guys my Indy Edition Impala SS runs great, you can feel every bit of the additional horsepower added with the level 1 modifications. I can't wait to see what level 2 will do to make this four door car even more fun!!!!!!! Thanks Again' - Ron Mitchell, '04 Indy Impala SS

'2.6 Modular Pulley System received today! I was very surprised of the TOP quality product, the finish is very nice, the pulley is light weight, nice T-Shirt Received too!' - Jean-Marc Cloutier, '06 Cobalt SS

'I'd just like to thank you for the great service. I have and will continue to reccommend you guys to other GP & 3800 enthusists that I know & meet. Stickers will be proudly displayed on my car. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I'm a member of the OQCGP (Ontario Quebec Club Grand Prix - which is where I initially heard about Intense. I'm very pleased with your product and hope to do business again.' - Norm Howe, '02 GTX

'I wanted to send you out a quick note to thank you for the excellent service and good time I had with the Regal LS installation on December 22nd. If you continue to run your business as well as you did when I was there you should have great success. The car runs great. The engine feels tight and the rockers perform exactly as I desired. I also think adding 2 degrees of camshaft timing Jeff recommended and performed gave me noticeably more low-end. I am very glad Jeff performed this modification. Above 4k rpms I notice a lot more power.' - Ed Urbas, '00 Regal LS

' BTW, if you have a customer satifaction thingy going on, I just wanna say I am very grateful for all the help and support you gave along with the additional information to help me make the better decisions with the parts. INTENSE has become my first look site for everything I need.' - Justin Zauner

'You guys and your customer service just downright ROCK.' - Gil Morales, '00 GTP

'It was an honor to have you work on my car, albeit simple stuff. I commend people who take all kinds of shit from competitors (and haters) and instead of quitting, improve their products and reach perfection.' - Doug Mariotti, '00 GTP

'Thanks again - you guys are nothing less than awesome!! The service you guys provide is second to none and I really appreciate your promptness in replies to my email, help and advice you offer.' - Rick Hicks, '00 GTP

'Very good customer service, even after the sale.' - Robert Morgan, '99 GTP

'Good customer service.' - Bob Sabatino, '99 GS

'I like it.' - Jeff Bjorkman, '98 Regal GS

'Great customer service' - Dan Leberman, '98 GT

'I'm writing you to express how happy I am with my recent purchase of your Stage 1x cam package. It appears to be the perfect grind for what I was looking for. Superb street use (competes with any V8) as well as respectable track numbers (12.8 @ 107 mph). This package was complete (no trips to the parts store) and installation was, with a few exceptions, trouble free. This cam package has only made the Intense racing LSD that I'm using even more impressive. Perfect 2 wheel burnouts with torque steer at launch virtually eliminated. Great products, at what I consider to be, reasonable prices. ' - Tom Neville, '98 GTP

'I just want to say thanks for the great pcm! You guys at intense are a class act! I will definatly be doing business with you in the future.' - David Raboy, '97 GTP

'I feel great about everything I got from INTENSE. The service is awesome!' - Eric Dorais, '97 GTP

'Thanks again for a great product. It performs exactly as advertised, which is a reflection of good business.' - Ben Eichelberger, '97 SSE

'thanks for sending me a new pcm, it feels go to know that you guys do things right and care about the little guy! you can put that in you testimonlals. I have bought form w-body, zzp.3800 performance. And by far you guys are the best out there!' - Derek Swan