We're available by phone on weekdays from at least 10-5 Eastern time at 614.873.6499. Since it's often easier to discuss your build or answer product questions interactively, please consider giving us a call.

If you prefer to email us, please be sure to include a relevant Subject Line in your email. This serves two purposes. First, it helps ensure our spam filters don't block your email and second, it makes it easier for us to get your email to the right person faster. Using a relevant Subject Line in your email to us will help you get the best possible response in the shortest possible timeframe.

If you have purchased something from us and are wanting to return or exchange the item, please email:

For questions about the products we sell, or for a particular application, please email:

For website problems/bugs, please email: Webmaster@INTENSE-Racing.com

Please e-mail us for special instructions before shipping any returns!

INTENSE Racing no longer has a shop open to the public. We offer phone and email support, and daily shipping of parts ordered from our website. Dyno tuning is offered through our partner shops in central Ohio.

Our shipping and receiving address, for mail, parcels, and freight, is:

6724 Perimeter Loop Rd.
Unit 244
Dublin, OH 43017

Phone/Text/Fax: 614.873.6499