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At INTENSE we design, build, install, test, tune and race what we sell. We spend the time and money necessary to make our cars the absolute fastest in North America in their respective classes. Then we offer you the most powerful parts along with custom dyno tuning, and back them up with the best possible customer service - both before and after the sale.

INTENSE Records & Accomplishments

Our roots stem from racing late model GM vehicles and we have set dozens of records on the dyno and at the drag strip. Here are just a few of our more signifcant accomplishments.

  • First L76 G8 To Run A 10-second Quarter Mile
  • First LSJ Cobalt To Run A 12-Second Quarter Mile
  • First 3800 FWD Bonneville to Run 13, 12, 11, 10 Sec Quarter Miles
  • First 3800 FWD Impala To Run 12 And 11-Second Quarter Miles
  • First 3800 FWD Regal To Run 12 And 11-Second Quarter Miles
  • First 3800 FWD Grand Prix To Run 10 and 8-Second Quarter Mile
  • First 3800 Firebird To Run 10, 9, and 8-Second Quarter Miles
  • Highest G8 L76 Horsepower Engine
  • Highest 3800 Horsepower Record
  • Highest Supercharged 3800 Horsepower Dyno Record
  • Highest Turbo 3800 Horsepower Dyno Record

Home Of The First 10-Second Pontiac G8 GT

INTENSE Twin Turbo G8 GT

INTENSE owner Scott Cook's TT G8 GT is a daily driver producing over 870 horsepower while maintaining its street manners.

Originally purchased in the spring of 2008 this project car has become a force to be reckoned with on the road. Upgraded performance and handling allow this already outstanding vehicle to run easily with the supercars of today. Check out its complete list of modifications and performance numbers at our INTENSE TT G8 GT Home Page.

INTENSE 2010 Camaro SS L99 Twin Turbo System

INTENSE Twin Turbo 2010 Camaro

In June, Juan Chaluja brought us his brand new 2010 Camaro SS with 500 miles on it. HIs request was simple. Build a 500-550 rwhp twin turbo system for this silver beauty that was both reliable and high quality.

INTENSE spent the following weeks researching, testing and building a twin turbo system made of the best parts available. Quality USA made parts such as Precision Turbos were used along with Tial wastegates and blow-off valve, Hose Tecniques silicon couplers, stainless steel tubing, Turbo Werx oil scavanger pumps, and the list goes on. Our INTENSE 2010 Camaro Twin Turbo System Pictures show the system and components installed.

The end result was an L99 powered 2010 Camaro that put down 545rwhp on only 7.8psi of boost. The Camaro is completely sane and tame at normal daily driving conditions yet turns into a monster once the throttle is applied on the open road.

The results were so impressive that we started producing the INTENSE 2010 Camaro Twin Turbo System and we are currently offering it here at our shop. With components capable of 1,000 horsepower there is no need to upgrade kit components as your horsepower needs grow.