Friday, August 14, 2009

INTENSE Order #19000 is FREE!

One of our best promotions ever is back!

Thats right, the whole thing will be FREE if your order number is #19000. At the time of this posting the current order number is #18888 and as all of our customers know your order number is emailed to you automatically when you make a purchase. Customer #19000 will instantly know they have won and the order no matter how big or small will be FREE.

We get incredible participation every time we do this, now is your chance to get in on our latest offering of this outstanding promotion.

We are implementing a new rule change this time. To combat people ordering 20 small stickers in individual orders to try and increment the order number to their advantage this time you can only win if you order is #19000 (or the next valid order) and you did not place an order with us within the previous 12 hours of the winning order being placed.

All returned orders during this promotion whether shipped or not are still subject to our normal 20% restocking fee. In the case that order #19000 is invalid or non-existent (due to the way our shopping cart assigns numbers) then the next valid order will be used for the free offer. In order to qualify the order must be prepaid and have the system generate an order number.

posted by Todd at 4:14 pm  

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