Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas from INTENSE!

Order #17100 is completely FREE!

Thats right, the whole thing will be FREE if your order number is #17100. At the time of this posting the current order number is #16997 and as all of our customers know your order number is emailed to you automatically when you make a purchase. Customer #17100 will instantly know they have won and the order no matter how big or small will be FREE.

Normally we run this promotion every 1000 orders but with the rapid rate orders have come in we wanted to extend this a bit so that it covers Christmas.

All returned orders during this promotion whether shipped or not are still subject to our normal 20% restocking fee. In the case that order #17100 is invalid or non-existant (due to the way our shopping cart assigns numbers) then the next valid order will be used for the free offer. In order to qualify the order must be prepaid and have the system generate an order number.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Twin Turbo Thunder from Down Under

Some of you may or may not know that APS is closing for their annual Christmas break and won’t reopen until January 19th, 2009. Since the APS Twin Turbo kits for the G8 have been so successful for us we decided to purchase their remaining G8 GT Twin Turbo kit inventory. This allows us to continue to offer these great kits to the G8 community even though they won’t be available from APS again until sometime in the spring.

This is the same kit that helps power our 723whp INTENSE G8 TT GT project car and is an awesome power adder for even a stock G8 GT. We’ve shipped these kits all over the country and have installed kits here at our shop for customers from as far as Canada. They continue to bring smiles to the faces of their owners everytime they get behind the wheel.

posted by Todd at 2:50 pm  

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