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INTENSE-Racing - Weekend Sale Page February 29, 2008

03/07/08 Weekend Sale

INTENSE LSJ Polyurethane Transaxle Mounts (Pair)

INTENSE LSJ Polyurethane Transaxle Mounts (Pair)

Normal Price: $59.99
Sale Price : FREE

Now with any order over $100.00 you can get a set of our INTENSE LSJ Polyurethane Transaxle Mounts FREE!

These Polyurethane inserts replace the stock rubber bushings found in the front and rear transaxle mounts on the Cobalt SS and ION Redline. Made of extremely high quality material our polyurethane inserts will eliminate your wheel hop issues while maintaining a nice firm and comfortable ride.

Use these in conjunction with the INTENSE Polyurethane control arm bushings to get the most out of your launches.

Casper's Electronics V-Plus Volt Booster

Casper's Electronics V-Plus Volt Booster

Code: CVB-133
Normal Price: $74.99
Sale Price : $49.99

Your alternator is designed to put out a specific voltage, generally 13.8 volts. The only problem is when there's a greater demand on the electrical system, like at wide-open throttle (WOT), the alternator falls a little short.

The Casper’s Electronics V-Plus Volt Booster is designed to overcome voltage taper at WOT by stepping up the alternator voltage 2.2v. at and above 70% throttle. The Result? More power to your fuel pump and ignition system! This unit is completely plug-and-play, with no wires to cut or tap into. Includes all necessary hardware and instructions.

INTENSE 3800 Dyno Tune

INTENSE 3800 Dyno Tune

Normal Price: $499.99
Sale Price : $399.99

INTENSE is the leading GM FWD tuning company, and has done more custom tunes than all our competitors combined. You can schedule your dynotune for anytime in the future and if you pay for it this weekend you will save $100.00!

Nobody has more experience or better results than INTENSE. We’ve dyno-tuned hundreds of cars from all over North America, and we’ve programmed thousands of PCMs for these cars via mail order. INTENSE has dyno-tuned over 200 cars over the past few years and we are so confident that you will love our tune that if by the end of the session your not happy with the results we will flash your car back to the way it was and refund your money.

Custom dyno-tuning is available on most weekdays after 5PM and weekends by appointment.

This price does not include parts, diagnostics or labor time that may be needed to fix mechanical problems on the dyno. Our normal labor and part rates apply to any mechanical work needing to be done such as plug or wire changes, vac leak fixes, fueling problems, etc...

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