INTENSE Powertrain Control Module

INTENSE Powertrain Control Module


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  • 1999-2000 Alero with 3400 engine
  • 2002 Century with 3100 engine
  • 1999-2004 Grand Am with 3400 engine
  • 2001-2005 Impala with 3400 engine
  • 2004-2005 Monte Carlo with 3400 engine
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Some of our benefits include:

- Our a la carte upgrades to the INTENSE™ PCM give you the ability to choose just the right settings to match your combination. In other words, if you have a mild cam and need slightly higher shift points and rev limiter, and a DTC or two disabled, you will no longer be forced to pay $300 to $600 for a custom tune or race PCM with more adjustments than you really want. We offer you the ability to cost effectively fine-tune your PCM to your exact needs!

- Every INTENSE™ PCM is coded with the correct year, make and model of your vehicle. This means that even if your car is a 1998, 2000, 2001 or 2002, you won't be required to enter 1999 into a Tech II to perform a Crankshaft Position Variation (CASE) Learn and that this PCM is undetectable by a dealer.

- Each PCM is written with your correct VIN, so an aftermarket VIN editor is not required.

- In some cases, your PCM may use an operating system that isn't the most recent one available (see for details). In these cases, we'll update you to the latest OEM code, then apply our changes. We use GM Service Programming System (SPS) for monthly updates.

- We have complete access to hundreds of parameters within every PCM. For example, we can disable DTC's individually in EVERY vehicle we support. There is no need to disable all of the DTC’s in some PCM’s just to turn off one DTC.

INTENSE™ PCM's are processed and shipped with the same top notch service INTENSE™ has been known to provide. Most PCM's will ship within one business day*** of your order!

Here are the different INTENSE™ PCM’s that we have available for your vehicle:

  • INTENSE™ Standard PCM - $124.99
    Ideal for stock to slightly modded cars with induction mods, exhaust mods, smaller supercharger pulley and/or rocker arms - features removal of all speed limiters, higher shift points (~6,000 RPM)** and rev limiter (6,200 RPM) , proprietary transaxle shift behavior adjustments** including 'skip shifts', air/fuel adjustments, knock retard decay rate adjustment, cooling fan control adjustments (180°), cooling fans on at key-off for 180 seconds, elimination of Abuse Mode, Differential Scoring Protection, Supercharger Torque Management, etc.

  • INTENSE™ Custom PCM - $174.99
    You tell us what you want changed and we'll take care of it. Select this option if you require different MAF tables, injector constants, speedometer adjustments, or other changes not available in the a la carte menu. Please detail the changes you require in the custom settings box.

  • INTENSE™ PCM Tune-Up Service - $49.99
    You tell us what you want changed and we'll take care of it. Select this option to upgrade your exsisting INTENSE™ PCM with any changes that you require. Please detail the changes you require in the custom settings box.

*** Most common PCM's will ship within one business day. Some of the newer models will require lead-times of up to two weeks, depending on core availability. We can reprogram the PCM in your car if you bring the car to us. Or we can reprogram your core in one business day if you ship it to us.

**** The manual timing adjustment feature requires the purchase of a "Happy Knob", Casper's Timing Commander or other timing control device to be connected via the IAT analog input channel.

***** We will only offer our "Tune-Up" Service on INTENSE™ PCM's. Other brands of PCM's can be used for core value, but we will not edit calibrations done by any other company or individual.


Can you make changes to my Brand X PCM?

No. Most other brands of PCM's can be used for core value, but we will not edit calibrations done by any other company or individual.

Did you guys copy someone else's PCM code?

Absolutely not. All of our calibration files are written using OEM binary (.bin) files as a starting point. This is how we are able to provide you with the correct year, make, model, operating system and VIN in your new PCM. And this is also how we are able to introduce after market PCM's for vehicle models that no one else has released yet.

Do you 'lock' your PCM's?

No. Our PCM’s are not locked in any way. The checksum flags aren't disabled. And the Operating Systems are not changed to '0' or ' '. Anyone with editing capability can read and edit our PCM’s.

Have your new PCM's been dyno tested?

INTENSE™ has dynoed more than one-hundred 3800 FWD vehicles, and we understand the areas where the factory PCM is holding us back. The bottom line is that we now have the ability to make adjustments to hundreds of parameters within the PCM. And we have spent many thousands of dollars of dyno time. We can't guarantee a specific horsepower number for your particular car because performance gains from after market PCM's are always highly dependent on your entire mod package.

Do you really know how to tune cars?

Our tunes currently hold the highest horsepower 3800 N/A dyno record, the 3800 M90 supercharged dyno record and 3800 turbo dyno record.

What do I need to do after installing a new INTENSE™ PCM?

Most vehicles will start right up. Some cars (such as the Bonneville SSEi,Impala SS and Monte Carlo SS) will require performing a simple Security Relearn Procedure. All cars will benefit from a Crankshaft Position Variation Learn procedure (commonly referred to as CASE Learn). Anyone with a GM Tech II scan tool (such as a GM dealership) can perform this special function for you in a couple minutes. Some discretion is necessary when asking your dealership to NOT re-flash the PCM. If they re-flash the PCM, all your special tuning will be gone and un-retrievable. Many dealers will perform the Crankshaft Position Variation Learn procedure for free, while others may charge a modest fee. Please note that 1997 model year vehicles DO NOT require a CASE Learn if the knock module (square cover attached to the PCM with two allen head screws) is simply swapped over from the old PCM hardware to the INTENSE™ PCM hardware.

What if I don't like your PCM?

Just send it back to us within seven days for a full refund.

Todd Allen enjoys the improved torque management settings in his INTENSE™ PCM equipped 2000 Bonneville SSEi!

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